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"Magic and Science are the Siblings of one

Great Mother, but Magic as an older sister

who sees and acknowledges it first" 

- Forest Mothers 
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Founder & Forest Ma 

Hello! Kia Ora!    

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am, Michellle Fedoroff, Forestma, an inherited Tarot reader, an occult scientist, a researcher, free philosopher, and a life-coach.

I have been born in the depth of the Siberian forests, survived due to the Forest and have found my path through it. I respect and obey the Forest (natural and Divine). I communicate with Spirits through Tarot card Archetypes and numbers.  You speak – I hear. I love Life with all its creatures, movements, interplays, contradictions and possibilities - As Mother’s do, unconditionally. My lips are sealed.

About Forest Mothers 

Forest Mothers - is a new way to transform your life through  the

Art of Magic and with support of Academic Science. 

The Great Wheel of the year:

 It is an interplay of two great currents of energy.

On one side, it is a one-year current of the Sun energy sent to the Earth when the Sun is giving the light or is taking the light away. Another current - is a current of the divine Light and sacred Dark. The Light and the Dark are playing, dancing  and balancing against each other around the Earth, strengthening or diminishing own presence at the planet depending on its season of the year, or (according to Einstein time and space are the same matter) depending on the 4 Directions of the world - North, East, South and West that are represented by the 4 Cardinal Elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth.


Forest Mothers - is a way to live happy life in balance with a society and self, staying  attuned with the Suprime spiritual force, enjoying the movement of the Great Wheel of the Year.

Forest Mothers -  is social group involved in preservation and development of Ohio forest, Metro-parks, public and private gardens.


Forest Mothers - are dedicated gifted Tarot cards readers connected with the Great Mother high spirit inspired by the Forest Forces and Lore.

Forest - from the beginning of Times the Forest has been a Home, Foster, a Spiritual Guide, a Guard, a Judge, a Friend and a Rival, a School of life and a place to establish human personal strength. Forest provides us with Oxygen, food and inspiration along with the medical and magic herbs and plants that play a significant role in evolutionary success of humanity.


Forest Mothers - is a free-flying philosophy, a rich and deep science built up based on the Universal Laws and, in the end, a Great practice of  High Magic, Celtic rituals, Wicca spells paired with modern discoveries of the New Age adepts.

Forest Mothers -  is a methodology to positivly transform one's life through the wisdom of Tarot pracitce

Tarot Research

& Diagnostics

Green House 


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Our Friends &


"Magic and Science are the Siblings of one

Great Mother, but Magic as an older sister

who sees and acknowledges it first" 

- Forest Mothers 

"Magick is the science and art of causing

change to occur in conformity with will."

- Aleister Crowley

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