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Forest Mother's Oath

I swear

To serve the Truth, to search

the Truth, to only tell the Truth.

To have courage, always move

forward and explore the Unknown

Divine, to open the Doors for

prosperity to the human race.

To avoid temptations, including

the temptation of personal ego.

To communicate only the truth.

Do no harm.

To be the Light and the Darkness.

To love, respect, study and preserve

the earth, our beautiful big home,

and a source of inspiration.

To love, respect, study and preserve

the Forest with all its inhabitance.


To love, respect, study and preserve

the Sacred knowledge the

the forest offers me.

At The Divine Doors we seek the answer

Four Cardinal Elements

"...and when you know the magic

believes in you, how can you not?"

- Ly de Angeles




To Will!

From the Guardian of the Fire-Element at the South to be a spark of the Universe.



To Dare!

From the Guardian of the Water-Element at the West to be the strongest and most flexible one; to be able to receive, keep and give divine blessings.

To Know!

From the Guardian of the Air -Element at the East set up my vision clear; receive 

insights and high inspiration.

To Keep Secrets!

From the Guardian of the Earth-Element at the North to be grounded at my creative work; to be a Creator, a Developer, a Teacher, a Life-coach.

To be Forest Mother.



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